Bird Watching on Hatteras Island

Snowy Egret

Vacationing in the Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo area offers birdwatcher several uniquely different opportunities. Being a coastal area there are naturally a tremendous number and variety of shorebirds. On any given summer day while sitting on the beach you can easily count forty or more species including rare species both common and uncommon to this area.

A very short drive north to the Pea Island Wildlife Station and visitors can walk the trails around the North Pond. You will see shore birds, marsh birds and deciduous birds in the brush along the trails. Don't forget your camera if you want some great shots for your album.

A bit longer drive north to the Nags Head Woods which is a natural maritime forest offers a quiet hike and bird watching experience for the entire family. You will have an opportunity to view many unique species plus you will experience a pristine maritime forest like it once was over the entire Outer Banks.

Remember to spend some time around the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. There are several trails near the lighthouse to walk. Any one of the parking lots and the areas around them will usually have several species and even a few deer. Also take a trip beyond the lighthouse around to where the beach access ramps are located. There are a couple parking areas at the ponds that can be great viewing areas.

For another unique bird watching adventure consider taking the free DOT ferry ride over to Ocracoke Island. Take your time and stop at the various parking areas. It is amazing how many different species of birds you can see on a day's trip.